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Douceur Extreme 500ml


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Deze shampoo is speciaal bedoeld voor het wennen aan het wassen voor puppy’s en kittens, het is een hypoallergene shampoo die zonder probleem vaak gebruikt mag worden, ook voor volwassen dieren natuurlijk!     1:5 verdunnen

A superb hypoallergenic shampoo, based on active natural principals for gently cleaning the delicate coats of puppies and kittens after weaning. It preserves the balance and structure of the coat. The action of Passionflower and Pro-vitamins strengthen the skin's protection and the shine of the coat. Simple to use, with a rich, smooth texture, it has a pleasant Vanilla scent, and is so gentle that it can be used as often as necessary. With a neutral pH level, we also recommend this shampoo for animals with very sensitive skin. Keeping baby animals clean right from the start ensures a problem-free skin and coat, and also reduces the risk of allergies.

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