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De droom om een perfecte zwarte vacht te hebben kan nu uitkomen, zonder de vacht te kleuren. De shampoo verdiept de natuurlijke zwarte kleur en geeft de vacht een mooie glans.      1:5 verdunnen

Deep black coats must be solid and shining. ÉBÈNE is a beauty care shampoo formulated with active principles to enhance and intensify the shine of black or mostly black coats. The color enhancement effect is the result of amphoteric tensio-active complexes which help natural pigments penetrate deeply into the hair scales and lock them in there while drying. Aloe Vera is rich in organic acids and has anti-oxidant and anti-radical properties. ÉBÈNE also includes an anti UVB Filter, essential to protect and fight against red lights in the coat. Pro-vitamins add extra shine and hydration. The black color intensifying effect is cumulative, so using ÉBÈNE regularly will regain and maintain a shining, intense black.

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