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Vitalite Poils Durs 500ml.


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Shampoo voor vachten die meer hardheid nodig hebben, zoals ruwharige honden, maar ook voor rassen zoals de Noorse Boskat.

A superb shampoo based on active natural principles, designed for wire-haired dogs, it cleans the coat deeply without softening it, and keeping it in top condition while the use of plant extracts provides a refreshing sensation. Panama Bark Extract helps protect the skin due to the nourishing properties of its vegetable saponines. Vitamin rich lime respects the structure of the coat, maintaining its' crisp, closed texture, while its' astringent and toning properties give the coat its rigid, crisp appearance. Pro-vitamins add extra shine and hydration to the coat. VITALITÉ POILS DURS is ideal for terriers and all other wire-haired breeds.




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