Cocoa Butter & Mink Oil Shampoo 8oz/235ml


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Hydrateer de gestreepte vacht met Jerob Cocoa Butter & Mink Oil Shampoo. De superieure, laag schuimende, conditionerende shampoo laat het haar zacht en fluffy, zelfs zonder crèmespoeling. Fantastische onderhouds- shampoo verzacht de vacht en geeft de vacht een kleine olieachtige finish. Ideaal voor wanneer de structuur van de vacht zacht moet zijn.

Zacht water –20  tot 1 water/shampoo

medium water 16 to 1 water/shampoo

hard water 12 to 1 water/shampoo

Re-moisturize a stripped coat with Jerob Cocoa Butter & Mink Oil Shampoo. This superior, low sudsing, conditioning shampoo leaves hair soft and fluffy even without cream rinsing. A great maintenance shampoo, it also adds a light oil finish and softens flat coats that are dry and lackluster. The ideal show shampoo for several short haired breeds when a softer texture is desired. Recommended dilution: soft water - 20 parts water to 1 part shampoo; medium water 16 to 1; hard water 12 to 1.


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